Independent test proves Aircell savings

Independent tests are said to have proven the energy saving capabilities of Adande’s Aircell air flow management system.

Designed for open front multi-deck refrigerated retail display cabinets, the Aircell system is said to deliver significant energy savings and tighter operating temperatures compared with conventional refrigerated cases.

Refrigeration Developments & Testing Ltd (RD&T) conducted tests under BS EN ISO 23953 comparing the performance of a 2500mm open-front remote multi-deck cabinet with an identical model modified with the Aircell system.

Both cabinets were loaded in accordance with the test standard and run at an operating temperature of M2 (-1 to 7ºC) at an ambient climate class 3 (25ºC and 60% relative humidity).

After stable state running for 24 hours, the energy usage of each case was monitored over a further 24-hour cycle. Results for the baseline cabinet showed a refrigeration electrical energy consumption (REC) of 57.61kWh/24h, compared with a REC of 27.41kWh/24h for the cabinet modified with Aircell, representing an energy saving of over 50%.…

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