IIR group to look at refrigeration safety

IIR group to look at refrigeration safety

A new working group has been formed within the International Institute of Refrigeration looking at refrigeration safety.

Faced with various new refrigerants coming onto the market, like the A2L “mildly flammables”, the Refrigeration Safety Working Group aims to document experiences from across the globe.

The group aims to build a database of accidents, develop practical processes and procedures and publish guidelines for the safe handling of refrigerants.

The group is open to IIR members and non-members. The various experiences will be shared anonymously at conferences and seminars to international audiences.

“The focus is to learn from the mistakes we all do along the way. We want input from all sides of the industry also from the developing world,” said the group’s chair Alexander Cohr Pachai, technology manager at Johnson Controls.

“One task in the work will be to build a database so we can build some tools and make statistics on the different types of accidents. It is not the aim to hang out one specific type of refrigerant, it is the accident or near miss we see every day that we want to document,” he added.

Those interested in joining the working group should in the first place contact alexander.c.pachai@jci.com