Hubbard tests Dearman 2 engine

Dearman has begun on-vehicle testing of a second generation liquid nitrogen transport refrigeration engine.

Dearman and its technology partner Hubbard Products began testing its liquid nitrogen Dearman engine, which replaces the standard diesel engine, on 

a transport refrigeration system in early 2015. Since then the Dearman engine has been re-designed and to be 30% lighter, 30% smaller, and 30% more efficient than its predecessor.

The entire refrigeration system is also said to have been reconfigured, downsizing a number of components and optimising them to deliver maximum efficiency and higher levels of performance. Dearman’s Generation 2 system will now be tested with support from independent test house HORIBA MIRA, before a commercial, on-road, field trial begins with a UK operator in 2016 …

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