Honeywell’s R455A lands in Italy

Honeywell’s R455A lands in Italy

Italian discount supermarket chain MD Discount has selected the lower GWP blend refrigerant R455A for its store in San Giovanni in Persiceto.

This is said to be the first store in Italy to use R455A, which is marketed by Honeywell as Solstice L40X. With a GWP of just 146, R455A is an A2L blend of R1234yf, R32 and CO2. It is designed for commercial refrigeration applications such as small- and medium-size supermarkets, food service, cold rooms and freezer rooms.

“MD is committed to using solutions that support our energy-efficiency and sustainability initiatives, which currently includes refrigeration control through remote electricity monitoring systems as well as the use of refrigerated trucks powered by clean energy,” said MD’s technical director Michele Aiello.

With support from their contractor Arneg, MD is said to have selected Solstice R455A for its projected optimal energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“We are now engaging with Honeywell to further our work in this area and implement Solstice L40X in our new San Giovanni in Persiceto store, which is projected to support a lifetime cost savings of approximately €260,000 and 25% lower lifetime emissions compared with carbon dioxide for that store alone. Selecting HFO solutions like Solstice L40X is critical for us as we continue to grow our food retail chain and focus on making choices that are better for the environment,” Aiello added.