Hillphoenix CO2 brings Aldi success

Natural refrigerant systems supplied by Hillphoenix are said to have helped retailer Aldi achieve Platinum GreenChill certification in 32 US stores to date.

Platinum GreenChill is the US EPA’s highest store-level sustainability certification for food retailers.

The Hillphoenix Second Nature line offers a range of alternative refrigeration solutions, including CO2, glycol and ammonia-based systems. In 2016 alone, Hillphoenix installed 109 Second Nature systems in GreenChill-certified stores operated by food retailers across the US.

Using alternative refrigeration systems is a key corporate responsibility initiative for Aldi. Second Nature Advansor transcritical CO2 booster systems have been installed in about 50 stores so far.

Last year, Hillphoenix earned EPA’s annual Store Certification Excellence award, which recognises the commercial systems manufacturer that has installed more advanced refrigeration systems in GreenChill-certified stores over a one-year period than any other partnering manufacturer. It was Hillphoenix’s sixth GreenChill award.