Güntner V-Shape compact cooler

Guntner V-Shape compact cooler

Güntner’s new V-Shape Compact family are available as lower capacity fluid coolers, condensers or gas coolers.

They are said to offer maximum capacity on a remarkably small footprint even when operated in dry mode.

The optional HydroPad adiabatic pre-cooler increases the efficiency, with no water treatment, no intense maintenance and no wetting of the coil required.

Heat exchanger are designed for HFC, CO2 or water/glycol mixtures. The core tube diameters and materials, in combination with the fin geometries, are said to provide the best possible combination of maximum capacity and minimum tube volume.

The optional Güntner Hydro Management GHM controller monitors operating states for the best adjustment between fan speed and humidification of the pad.

The V-Shape Compact gas cooler with HydroPad system now offers a solution to enable the use of CO2 in hot climates. The adiabatic pre-cooling of the ambient inlet air significantly reduces the plant’s transcritical operating times.

Capacities range from 13kW to 560kW with up to four AC or EC fans per unit. For every fan variant, Güntner offers the suitable control concept including the intelligent Hydro Management GHM pad that always choses the most cost-efficient mode of operation. In wetted operation, it always applies only as much water as can evaporate under the respective conditions. Some fan types can also be controlled via voltage (0-10 V) or current signal (4-20 mA).