Güntner opens CO2/NH3 test lab

Güntner opens CO2/NH3 test lab

Güntner has completed a new test chamber capable of performing capacity and air volume measurements on CO2 and ammonia coolers, condensers and evaporators.

Located at the company’s facility in Fürstenfeldbruck, the new chamber is designed to EN327/328 test standards and will mainly be used to test CO2 gas coolers and condensers as well as CO2 and ammonia evaporators. The design of the measuring system also allows Güntner to perform frosting and defrosting tests.

Capacity measurements will have priority at the new laboratory this year. At the beginning of next year, the details on the design and dimensioning of the air-measuring section will be determined. From next year, Güntner will also be using the chamber to perform sound measurements.

For air measurements the test item is connected, via an opening of 2 × 2 m at the ceiling, to a duct system installed above the chamber. The maximum air volume is 30,000m3/h.

The measurements on the CO2 units are also being carried out in preparation for the extension of the Eurovent certification to include CO2 gas coolers and CO2 direct evaporators.