GEA introduces ammonia chiller and compressor

GEA introduces ammonia chiller and compressor

At Mostra Convegno Expocomfort this month, German compressor and systems manufacturer GEA introduced its new ammonia chiller and screw compressor designed for air-conditioning applications.

“We managed after seven years to produce a semi-hermetic [compact] screw compressor [including an oil separator] for ammonia”, Dirk Oschetzke, product manager screw compressors, GEA, said, “Everyone thinks from the same look and feel it’s like a [HFC] chiller but It’s different”.

The compressor has copper winding helping to increase the efficiency of the overall system and a suction cooled motor.

The company also introduced a chiller using the semi-hermetic [compact] screw compressor developed by GEA. They believe that with the price of HFCs increasing due to the decreased HFC quota under the new European F-Gas Regulation the product will allow end users the ability to install a future proof solution.

“Everyone is unsure we have new refrigerants, the price [of refrigerant] is going up”, Oschetzke, explained “For this kind of chiller of 1.2MW we have [..] 60 kg of charge ammonia. Others {HFC chillers} have 400 kg of [HFCs] that [can cost] 10,000 euros”.

GEA is not selling the chiller commercially yet but is field testing the product and will start selling it to the market in the near future.