Fujian Snowman targets North American market

Fujian Snowman targets North American market

Chinese manufacturer is bringing its natural refrigerant compressors as a first step toward a larger presence.

Fujian Snowman, a Chinese manufacturer of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems and equipment, is entering the North American market with a slew of high-efficiency compressors designed for natural refrigerants.

“We’re selling compressors to get started in North America,” said Guy Evon Cloutier, chairman and CEO of CTC Group, a Canadian maker of refrigeration systems for ice and snow applications, of which Fujian Snowman has a majority interest.

Fujian Snowman will sell compressors to “strategic partners,” including contractors, assemblers and OEMS, said Cloutier. The company plans to expand quickly in the U.S. via acquisition “to expand the scope of our products and services from compressors to engineered systems,” he added.

Founded in 2000 as an ice machine maker by Lin Ru Jie, Fujian Snowman in recent years has acquired Italian compressor manufacturer RefComp, and Swedish compressor makers OPCON AB and SRM. Its manufacturing subsidiary, Snowkey, produces 10,000 compressors annually, with plans to double that production, said Cloutier.

As an OEM, Fujian Snowman produces ammonia/CO2 systems, including one for cold storage operator Swire (parent company of US Cold Storage) in Xiamen, China. “We’re also promoting ammonia/CO2 systems in the states,” said Cloutier.

Fujian Snowman showcased several of its compressors at the IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo earlier this year in San Antonio, Texas. One prominent example was the SRS-1210S semi-hermetic two-stage screw compressor, which Cloutier called “a game changer.” Suitable for ammonia, the compressor can be used in quick-freezing, freeze-drying, ship refrigeration and ultra-low-temperature cold storage. It includes a VI capacity control and variable-speed drive.

Also on display was the SRH-18M open-type high-pressure screw compressor, suitable for ammonia or CO2. Typical applications of the compressor include a high-temperature ammonia heat pump and an ammonia/CO2 cascade refrigeration system.

Other compressors at the Fujian Snowman booth included the SRC-S-353LOS semi-hermetic propane screw compressor; the SRS-12L semi-hermetic high-efficiency variable-speed ammonia screw compressor; and the SPT41-8H CO2 semi-hermetic piston compressor, a 9 HP unit suitable for transcritical CO2 systems at up to 160 bar.