Freecool chiller offers R1234ze

Freecool chiller offers R1234ze

Kaltra Innovativtechnik has launched a series of freecooling chillers based on frequency-controlled screw compressors, microchannel technology and the option of R1234ze.

Designed for R134a as standard, the new Lightstream Freecool chillers are equipped with inverter-driven compact screw compressors, specifically designed to maximise energy efficiency at partial loads.

The low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze is an option with this chiller. Its introduction follows the launch last year of Kaltra’s Lightstream Turbo oil-free centrifugal chiller running on R1234ze.

The Lightstream Freecool chiller features microchannel condensers with large heat transfer surface and high capacity microchannel freecooling coils designed in W-shaped banks for high energy efficiency in both DX and freecooling operating modes.

The use of microchannel technology is said to significantly increase freecooling time. With 12/18°C chilled water temperatures, the Lightstream Freecool chillers operate in full freecooling mode at ambient temperature as high as +8°C (for Germany climate zones) – 5°C to 6°C higher than chillers equipped with traditional water coils.

Enhanced two-pass flooded evaporators ensure closer temperature approach and lower waterside pressure drops, it is said.

RoboClean, an automatic coil cleaning system, uses differential pressure transmitters to start coil cleaning when the pressure difference rises above a set point. This enables maintenance to be performed without shutting down the chiller and disassembly.

Lightstream Freecool chillers are said to be suitable for a wide range of applications, producing chilled water from -12°C to 20°C. With EERs of 3.96, the chillers are said to be able to operate in almost every climate zone, from -40ºC to +55ºC.

Eurovent certification

Kaltra’s chillers and heat pump products are said to be currently undergoing Eurovent certification.

The first to be tested will include Lightstream Scroll and UltraCompact chillers, high-efficient Lighstream Screw and Screw Inverter models, Lightstream Turbo lineup, and various models from other ranges.