Frascold updates selection software

Frascold updates selection software

Air conditioning and refrigeration compressor manufacturer Frascold has released an updated version of its selection software.

The new Frascold selection software v1.9 adds a number of new units and refrigerants, as well as including updated performance data for its range of compressor and condensing units.

It adds the new Z40-140140Y/AXH/AXY and Z50-140Y/AXH/AXY 6-cylinder compressors and includes data for R1234ze and R1234yf for its AXY reciprocating compressors and R1234yf for AXE compressors.

Modified performance characteristics for the use of R134a, R1234ze, R1234yf, R513A and R450A for all its CX compact screw compressors are also included.

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