FETA places spotlight on A2L refrigerants

With “mildly flammable” refrigerants playing an increasing role, UK industry body FETA has published a guidance note on the subject and is to set up a new A2L refrigerants working group.

An introduction to A2L refrigerants and their use in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump applications offers an overview of the new refrigerants, practical advice on their safe use, and examples of different applications.

FETA says that the new A2L working group will look to offer clear guidance on A2L refrigerants and the implications of their use, sharing information and communicating changes and updates as soon as they occur. It will also seek to work with standards bodies to ensure any new standards being developed reflect the need for wider usage of such products, in order to meet the requirements of the F-gas regulation.

The working group is said to have been formed following discussions at the recent FETA annual strategy forum.

“It was clear that the subject of A2L refrigerants involved several FETA associations, and it was felt that a working group would be able to co-ordinate and communicate information on this important topic,” said FETA chief executive Russell Beattie.

“The group will also be liaising with other organisations with interests in this area such as IoR, ACRIB and FSDF, as well as government departments, with a view to sharing knowledge and best practice across the industry.”

The document can be downloaded here.