F-gas standards are popular outside EU

The standards of training and knowledge set by the European F-gas regulations are proving attractive to non-EU-member states.

Centro Studi Galileo (CSG), the Italian training organisation, has received interest in F-gas courses from countries as far afield as Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

The most recent workshop at the CSG headquarters in Casale Monferrato, near Turin, was attended by technicians from Belarus, Ukraine, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The week’s course was divided into two sessions: the first revised the basic knowledge and concepts in refrigeration technologies, the second involved a deeper analysis of more advanced details.

Participants on the course were able to view the documentation, slides, presentations and video lessons in cyrillic alphabet. Technical discussions flowed thanks to the presence of a native-speaking Russian translator with a good knowledge of refrigeration technologies and the accompanying vocabulary. The final day of the training was dedicated to the examination of the requirements needed to pass the exam for the certification in CE303/2008 regulations and the connected regulations and standards …

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