Euro event will present new technologies

Euro event will present new technologies

Against a background of a global HFC phase down, this year’s European Conference on the latest refrigeration and air conditioning technologies takes on greater significance.

Taking place on June 9-10, 2017, at the Polytechnic University of Milan, the 17th European Conference on the latest Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning will focus on F-gas rules and regulations and the latest eco-friendly refrigerant alternatives.

The event is jointly organised by the United Nations (UNEP), the International Institute of Refrigeration of Paris (IIR), the Italian Association of Refrigeration Technicians (ATF), Centro Studi Galileo (CSG) and the European Energy Centre (EEC-ECT). Under the patronage of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the Ministers, the conference attracts major experts within the field, as well as the presidents of world-leading organisations.

The first session of the conference will focus on “natural” refrigerants and HFOs, in addition to discussions about the growing necessity for energy efficiency. The second session will be dedicated to the most recent developments in components and plants, as well as vital energy and environmental issues.

The congress will resume on Saturday June 10 with talks on the need for a common global framework for legislation and certification, and the importance of safety while handling flammable (low A2L or high A3) refrigerants. The fourth session will additionally focus on the current technologies within the cold chain for food preservation, conservation and transport.

The fifth and final session of the summit, which is held in cooperation with the University of Genoa and the European Energy Centre of Edinburgh, will concern innovative technologies such as refrigeration through renewable energy, heat pumps using CO2, district heating, absorption cooling systems and magnetic refrigeration.

The international two-day seminar, organised by Centro Studi Galileo from Italy and the European Energy Centre from UK, will be held in the main hall, conference room of the Polytechnic University of Milan, located in Piazzale Leonardo da Vinci.

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