EPTA offers CO2 for all climates

EPTA has designed a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system that is said to offer energy savings in all climates, along with lower installation and maintenance costs.

Described as simple, efficient and reliable, the system has shown energy savings of 10%, compared with traditional CO2 systems, and 20% lower installation and maintenance costs.

Launched at EuroShop, the CO2 FTE transcritical system avoids the use of ejectors, basing the system around flooded evaporators and a multilevel liquid receiver.

Allowing flooded evaporators on chilled cabinets improves evaporator performance, raising evaporating temperature and reducing energy consumption on high-stage compressors. Sub-cooled liquid feeding frozen cabinets improves performance and efficiency further.

The system also reduces the discharge temperature of the compressors, ensuring optimum performance even at high temperatures, and reliable lubrication.

EPTA offers CO2 for all climates

EPTA offers CO2 for all climates

Applicable in all climates, the system has been successfully tested for over 30,000 hours in the elevated temperatures of Italy and Australia over the last two years.

The new FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) system has already been endorsed by leading compressor manufacturer Bitzer. Describing the system as “a highly innovative, energy-efficient CO2 solution” in combination with its EcoLine+ compressors, Bitzer adds: “The new FTE technology is a major step in the right direction towards the environmentally friendly use of refrigerants in commercial refrigeration, combined with energy efficiency in high ambient temperature regions.”