Enrad, a Swedish manufacturer of propane (R290)-based liquid chillers and heat pumps

Enrad, a Swedish manufacturer of propane-based liquid chillers and heat pumps

With a belief that natural refrigerants will be the “only option” in the future, Enrad, a Swedish manufacturer liquid chillers and heat pumps, has been working exclusively with propane since 2008.

The company is committed to manufacturing refrigeration and heat pump units that are eco-friendly, easy to install, energy efficient and safe.

Enrad’s Compact Chiller can be used as both a liquid cooler unit or a heat pump, offering temperatures from -8°C (17.6°F) to 60°C (140°F). It has a cooling capacity from 25kW (7.1TR) to 60kW (17.1TR) and comes in three different sizes.

The manufacturer also offers modular cooling and heat pump units that are can scaled up to create a complete cooling and heat pump system that provides temperatures from -8°C to 60°C. The system can deliver up to 125kW (35.5TR) in cooling output and up to 135kW (38.4TR) in heating output.

To reduce the climate footprint of its products even further, Enrad works to keep the production of its cooling and heat pump units as local as possible.

Enrad also offers free online training courses for industry professionals wishing to learn more about natural refrigerants and design for the installation of heating and cooling plants. The courses cover a variety of topics including the Swedish EN378 cooling standard and other regulations, the importance of cooling and heating systems for environmental management and how to future-proof HVAC&R systems with natural refrigerants.