Engie launches redesigned Quantum Air chiller

!/upload/files/e/engie_quantum_air_chiller.jpg (Engie launches redesigned Quantum Air chiller)!Engie Refrigeration has launched its redesigned Quantum air-cooled chiller range with improved levels of efficiency, performance, control and serviceability.

In total, the Quantum Air series comprises 14 models using R1234ze, and 14 models for R134a or R513A.

Engie launches redesigned Quantum Air chiller The new models are said to higher levels of efficiency, compared to the previous series, achieved through intelligent connections between the different components. They also require less refrigerant, are smaller in size and significantly lighter.

Refrigeration capacities range from 250kW and 2MW.

The series includes an optional Supersilent package, preconfigured pump units and frequency converter, and integrated free cooling modules for free cooling, mixed mode or compression mode.

Engie Refrigeration’s water-cooled Quantum chillers are also to be redesigned, with new models promised over the course of 2020.