Eberspaecher Suetrak brings CO2 MAC to IAA

Eberspaecher Suetrak brings CO2 MAC to IAA

At the 2018 International Motor Show (IAA) in Hannover, Germany (20-27 September 2018), Eberspaecher Suetrak is showcasing its CO2 mobile air conditioning (MAC) system for buses.

The German MAC manufacturer launched the system in October 2017 at the Busworld show in Kortrijk, Belgium.

The CO2 system is modular in design and is specially tailored to meet the key requirements of electric, hybrid and trolley buses.

“With a GWP (global warming potential) rating of one, CO2 shows the lowest global warming potential which can be used for the thermal management in buses,” Eberspaecher Suetrak says.

“By comparison, one kilogram of the current commonly used R134a refrigerant contributes 1,430 times more to the greenhouse effect in 100 years than one kilogram of CO2,” the German company adds.

The system also has an integrated heat pump, featuring an innovative air-flow reversal function that makes the previously complex refrigerant circuit much simpler, according to Eberspaecher Suetrak.

The air vents are then able to change the direction of the air-flow to provide a seamless transition between cooling and heating mode.

The refrigerant circuit remains stable in all these operating states – there are no standstill times, unlike with the switch mode of a conventional system.