Dunham-Bush chiller to use R134a replacement

Dunham-Bush chiller to use R134a replacement

Dunham-Bush is to use Chemours refrigerant alternative Opteon XP10 in its DCLCG chillers for the Asia Pacific market.

According to Chemours, the DCLCG series of high efficiency direct-driven VFD water cooled centrifugal chillers will be exhibited by Dunham-Bush at the China Refrigeration Show in Shanghai, which opens tomorrow (April 12).

Opteon XP10, also known as R513A is an azeotropic, non-flammable lower GWP replacement for R134a. A blend of R1234yf and R134a, its GWP of 573 is around 55% lower than R134a.

“Our new DCLCG series of high-efficiency direct-driven VFD water cooled centrifugal chillers with Opteon XP10 offers high efficiency, energy savings, high reliability, and oil-free design for convenient maintenance for a wide range of applications,” said Dr Zhou Lei, vice president of Dunham-Bush Industries. “Opteon XP10 is the perfect non-flammable, low GWP refrigerant choice to carry us far into the future with an environmentally sustainable offering for our customers.”

“Dunham-Bush concluded that Opteon XP10 offers the optimal balance of properties to meet their needs for a low GWP refrigerant in their chiller portfolio,” said Diego Boeri, vice president, Chemours Fluorochemicals. “This announcement marks the third major chiller manufacturer to select Opteon XP10 as their preferred non-flammable, low GWP chiller refrigerant technology to replace R134a.”

In 2015, Trane announced it was to offer R513A in its Sintesis air-cooled chiller. Last year, Johnson Controls said its York centrifugal and screw chillers from 440 to 21,100kW were also now compatible with the lower GWP alternative.