Dorin approves more refrigerants

Dorin approves more refrigerants

Compressor manufacturer Dorin has added the blends R448A, R450A and R513A to its list of approved refrigerants.

The three new gases join R449A, which was approved last year, following extensive tests by the Italian manufacturer to verify the efficiency, economy and retrofit capabilities of the refrigerants on existing plants.

All these refrigerants are non-flammable and non-toxic, and classified in safety group A1.

R448A is designed to replace R404A and R22. Developed by Honeywell and sold as Solstice N40, it comprises R32 (26%), R125 (26%), R1234yf (20%), R134a (21 ) and R1234ze (7). It has a GWP of 1273.

R513A, a refrigerant marketed by Chemours as XP10, is used as a retrofit for R134a. Mixing R134a with R1234yf, it has a GWP of 631.

The refrigerant R450A is Honeywell’s lower GWP R134a replacement. In contrast to R513A it mixes R134a with a different HFO, R1234ze. It has a GWP of around 601.