Danfoss to expand flammable testing lab

Danfoss to expand flammable testing lab

Danfoss is to extend its existing ATEX compressor testing laboratory in Trevoux, France, in response to the growing use of flammable refrigerants.

The 3,000m2 ATEX facility will be six times the size of the existing laboratory.

It is seen by Danfoss as a strategic asset in the transition to lower GWP flammable refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Danfoss says it will ensure it can replicate its full suite of lab tests with refrigerants up to A3 class, and support customers moving to A2L/A3 flammable alternatives.

The new lab will have over 50 test benches, capable of compressor tests from 0.5 to 60TR and compressor manifold tests from 0.5 up to 240TR per circuit. The plan includes performance testing rooms for energy, capacity, and acoustic testing—as well as reliability rooms for oil and endurance tests.

“More and more, the HVAC-R industry is turning to flammable refrigerants as it seeks to reduce global warming potential levels and the environmental impact of our industry. We’re ready to support that move,” said Noel Ryan, Danfoss Commercial Compressors president.

“That transition to alternative refrigerants is quickening, so we at Danfoss are accelerating our own development to meet the new demand. Danfoss’ first batch of DSF Scroll compressors with intermediate discharge valves for use with A2L refrigerants shall be released in the second quarter of 2018. We expect most of our major air conditioning components to also qualify at the same time,” he added.