Danfoss mobile training unit hits San Diego

Danfoss mobile training unit hits San Diego

Danfoss’ transcritical CO2 mobile training unit is currently being exhibited at ATMOsphere America 2017 in San Diego.

In a bid to raise awareness of CO2 refrigeration system design, Danfoss is exhibiting its CO2 transcritical mobile training unit at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort from 5-7 June at ATMOsphere America 2017.

In a prime location overlooking the San Diego Bay, participants gathered to see the training unit, which was equipped with a configurable CO2 system and interactive learning modules.

“The mobile training unit was developed for engineers to gain hands-on experience with CO2 refrigeration systems,” said Lance Jordan, technical manager/CO2 business specialist for Danfoss.

“It gives engineers the opportunity to touch and feel, rather than just classroom training,” Jordan continued.

“This is an example of a commitment from Danfoss to natural refrigerants and training in our industry,” said Jim Knudsen, segment manager, food retail for Danfoss.

Knudsen added that the unit was developed to help “put to bed the notion that there is not enough CO2 training available”.

The training unit is a 20ft. (6m) shipping container that contains a CO2 system with three different configurations: simple booster, transcritical booster with parallel compression, and transcritical booster with multi-ejector.

In addition, the unit has the flexibility to focus training on different applications.

“Each of these applications can be trained on individually on the unit. If one of the single applications is being used, like the simple booster, we have the option to put covers over the components which aren’t being used to simplify the design,” Jordan said.

The unit also features Danfoss control systems, two evaporators and a gas cooler.

Danfoss has extensive experience with transcritical CO2 with over 10,000 installations worldwide.

The training unit is now in San Diego for ATMOsphere America 2017 before it continues to make its way across the U.S.

“The [mobile training] unit already has 20,000 miles (32,186 km) under its belt. It has already been around the world,” said Knudsen.

It will stop in Anaheim, California from 19-29 June at the Source Refrigeration & HVAC Training Center, and in Boise, Idaho from 10-20 July at DC Engineering, for training and demonstrations.