Daikin to launch R1234ze chillers

Daikin to launch R1234ze chillers

Amongst a host of new products expected this year, Daikin has revealed that its Applied division will launch chillers using the HFO refrigerant R1234ze.

The launch of its first HFO chiller was amongst a host of new products announced at Daikin UK’s D1 Dealer conference in London last week. The dealers also heard Daikin repeat assertions that R32 would also eventually be used in VRV systems.

Speaking to an audience of 500 guests, Daikin product specialist Richard Green revealed that the end of this year would see a new range of chillers optimised for the low GWP refrigerant launched in parallel with its existing TZ and VZ ranges.

“TZ and VZ screw ranges represents a combination of the best of both Daikin and McQuay’s single screw compressor expertise,” Green said. And, while admitting that Turbocor had been the “buzzword” around part-load efficiency, maintained: “The Daikin inverter single screw compressor is setting a new benchmark in the marketplace in both areas of efficiency and cost per kW.”

The proposed launch will mark Daikin’s first foray into the use of R1234ze which has already been adopted, at least as an option, by most of the world’s leading chiller manufacturers.

Sky Air on R32

As expected, the event also heralded the launch of new Daikin Sky Air units running on R32. The three units – Alpha, Advance and Active – will be offered at the same price as equivalent R410A units.

They adopt an improved replacement technology enabling the R32 units to replace existing Daikin or other manufacturers units while retaining existing wiring and piping. As well as saving on installation costs and time, the latest units incorporate hepta filtration which negates the normal requirement to clean pipes when replacing.

Deflecting any concerns regarding the flammability of R32, product manager Martin Passingham said: “In the long term all equipment will run on R32 and we will wonder what all the fuss was about.” When questioned as to whether R32 would ever be used in VRV systems, he said: “We are currently working on R32 VRV in Japan and at some point that will come to Europe but we are not sure when.”

More products

Other new products ready for launch this year include an extended range of modular heat recovery ventilation ahus, a new range of water-cooled VRV lV systems, new intelligent tablet controllers and an auto-cleaning kit for ducted units.

Refrigeration products

Following last year’s acquisition by Daikin Europe of Italian refrigeration group Zanotti, owner of UK refrigeration company Hubbard, sales director Mark Dyer revealed changes to its UK sales channels. “Our refrigeration specialists have transferred to Hubbard and they will take the product leadership and sales channel for the complete Daikin and Hubbard refrigeration range. Meaning both CVP [Conveni-Pack] and Zeas pre-sales and after-sales will be provided by Hubbard,” he revealed.