Daikin develops outdoor air conditioner

Daikin develops outdoor air conditioner

With many parts of the world experiencing heat waves, Daikin has been inviting feedback on its development of an outdoor air conditioner.

Daikin maintains that, against a background of global warming, outdoor event venues and others, have taken measures against heat stroke in recent years. In addition, many Japanese eating establishments have installed outdoor terraces and Daikin insists that the need for outdoor comfort improvement is rising.

The outdoor air conditioner was exhibited this week at a heat control technology exhibition, organised by Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Bureau at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, a new mixed-use development of offices, shops, and dining and entertainment facilities.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Bureau invited comments and opinions from visitors on the outdoor air conditioners as a countermeasure against heat. Daikin says that the results of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s demonstration will verify whether the outdoor air conditioner will be acceptable for future commercialisation.

The outdoor air conditioner under development is a heat-pump-type air conditioner draws in air from the top and delivers cold air in four directions from the side of the main body. It is said to provide a cool space to the surrounding radius of about 3m.

It is said to be designed to be placed in a space where people gather, such as a cafe terrace or as an outdoor rest space in public facilities.