Daikin expands oil-free chiller choice

Daikin expands oil-free chiller choice

Daikin has enlarged its oil-free centrifugal chiller range with new increased capacity water-cooled machines running with R134a and R-1234ze(E) refrigerants.

Offering a footprint reduction of up to 32% compared to the previous series, the compact DZ chiller series also provides a low noise solution with a dedicated compressor sound proof cabinet.

The R134a range (EWWD-DZ) offers a choice of cooling capacity from 320kW up to 1,478kW at nominal conditions, with single compressor models providing an output up to 742kW and dual compressor models between 610kW to 1,478kW.

The R-1234ze(E) range (EWWH-DZ) is available in cooling capacities from 230kW up to 952kW at nominal conditions, including single compressor models up to 478kW and dual compressor models between 430kW to 952kW.

With an SEER score of up to 9.35, the EWWD-DZ series exceeds 2021 Ecodesign requirements by 43%.

Standard two-passes configuration and availability of single- and three-passes options ensures maximum flexibility for low and high delta temperature applications.

The DZ Series includes models suitable for both high and low condensing operation. It also offers a wide range of additional options, such as rapid re-start, which allows the unit to restart within 26 seconds following a power failure. Together with an automatic transfer switch to backup generator, the new chiller series offers a solution for data centres.

The DZ series can be monitored remotely via the Daikin On Site platform, with one-click access for system optimisation and preventative maintenance.