Daikin CO2 Conveni-Pack uses new swing compressor

Daikin CO2 Conveni-Pack uses new swing compressor

Daikin used last week’s Euroshop exhibition to present its recently announced Conveni-Pack commercial refrigeration system using CO2 refrigerant.

Available in Japan since early 2000 and introduced in Europe in 2006, Conveni-Pack combines freezing, refrigeration and energy efficient heat pump air conditioning technology for forecourts and convenience stores.

Originally developed using R410A, the CO2 version is currently undergoing tests at Daikin Europe’s Ostend HQ, in partnership with its subsidiaries in Germany and Spain. The work is being part-funded under the EU’s Natural HVACR 4 LIFE research project.

The new unit adopts a new Daikin swing compressor, specially designed for CO2 refrigerant. It is said to increase the energy efficiency of the Conveni-Pack by 5 to 15% under nominal operating conditions. Life expectancy of the new compressor is said to be significantly longer due to a low discharge temperature (maximum 100°C) and more precise control of the oil temperature.

The new Conveni-Pack is also said to save energy compared to a conventional system through the use of BLDC inverter motors, effective pressure control, two-stage compression and minimal defrosting losses. Seasonal heat recovery leads to further energy savings, says Daikin.

Providing installation flexibility, the outdoor unit can be placed up to 35m above, 10m below or at ground level up to 130m away from the indoor units – and scores points with its low-noise operation and the possibility of indoor installation.

Thanks to the combination of cooling, air conditioning, heating and ventilation functions in one system, the Conveni-Pack requires 40% less floor space.