Compressor speed drive with certified protection

Compressor speed drive with certified protection

Carel has introduced a speed drive for DC compressors with integrated and certified compressor protection.

Said to guarantee unit safety, the Power+ PSD2 series does away with the need for various external protection devices like thermal overload devices, thermal over-current relays and contactors used exclusively for compressor protection or activation in the event of overpressure.

The benefits are cost savings, less space requirements and simplified wiring and faster installation, says Carel.

The PSD2 series speed drives guarantee compliance with IEC and UL 60335-1, where applicable, as well as IEC and UL 60730-1, thanks to integrated compressor protection. In addition, the “safe torque off” (STO) input is certified according to EN13849-1 for use with safety devices, such as high pressure switches.

Compliance with these standards simplifies the procedure for certification of the unit and avoids the need to install and calibrate the various additional protection devices, says Carel.

The company also claims that, with its certified class B software, PSD2 provides much higher compressor protection than traditional systems. The use of redundancy measures and plausibility checks prevent dangerous situations arising for the unit, and in the event of a major failure, can limit it, both at a software level and hardware level.

Class B software, as defined by the relevant standard, is a control function that can carry out an automatic action to prevent hazards or failures and to always maintain a predefined level of safety in order to safeguard the product and consequently people or objects that come into contact with it.