CO2 heat pumps target UK farmers

CO2 heat pumps target UK farmers

Sanden Europe is teaming up with distributor Bublshop to launch its CO2 heat pumps in the UK.

Bublshop, a UK-wide distributor, is marketing Sanden’s CO2 heat pumps to the UK farming sector.

The Aquaeco₂ Max, an indoor heat pump based on the natural refrigerant CO2, will target agricultural businesses such as dairy farms, whose hot water needs are very high.

Farm workers need hot water to sterilise equipment, wash horses and heat drinking water for calves, for example.

“We are currently offering free evaluations to the agricultural industry to demonstrate how much money can be saved annually on water heating bill,” said Nick Welch, technical sales manager at Bublshop.

The Aquaeco₂ Max, a CO2 air source heat pump, produces domestic hot water at 65°C without requiring an electrical backup and “even at an outside temperature of -15°C”, Welch explained.

Sanden embraces ‘Internet of Things’

Sanden, a Japanese company, has a long track record of success with CO2 heat pumps in Japan, where they are the standard solution and boast market penetration of 98%.

In a bid to boost their efficiency still further, the firm has developed the E-mesh moderno system.

The E-mesh moderno – released in June 2016 – is a cloud-based monitoring system targeting refrigeration systems in food distribution centres to the retail sector.

The technology has been “field-tested in [the] Japanese retail industry, in association with Sanden refrigeration systems, including CO2 systems,” Akinori Kawakami told, general manager of the New Concept Business Division at Sanden Retail Systems Corp.

The e-mesh moderno can be used with Sanden’s CO2 retail refrigeration range, which includes condensing units, remote cabinets and self-contained cabinets.

“[We] encourage food distributors and retailers to adopt e-mesh moderno, in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of our solution, including Sanden CO2 Technology,” Kawakami said.