A transcritical CO2 system efficient in hot countries

The retail trade fair EuroShop 2017 took place in Düsseldorf (Germany) in early March. A transcritical CO2 refrigeration system was presented: entitled “Full Transcritical Efficiency” (FTE), it was launched by Epta. Francesco Mastrapasqua, Refrigeration Systems Marketing Manager in the group, described the system as simple (only a tank has to be added to a traditional transcritical CO2 system), global (since the system is supposed to be efficient in any climate), industrialized (the system is produced in a large scale) and reliable.

Two years of tests have been conducted by Epta in Italy and Australia. In Italy, the maximum outside temperature reached during summer was 36°C. In Australia, the outside temperature reached 47°C. According to EPTA, this system could be installed in hot countries since the tests showed an annual efficiency gain of around 10% compared with traditional CO2 systems in Italy and Australia.