CO2 refrigeration makes BrewDog sparkle

CO2 refrigeration makes BrewDog sparkle

Star Refrigeration has been involved in chilling what is described as Europe’s first fully refrigerated beer warehouse in a further contract with Scottish multinational craft beer company BrewDog.

Having recently acquired the brand new 80,000m3 Eurocentral warehouse in Motherwell, BrewDog commissioned Star to design and install a brand new plant capable of chilling its unique craft beers to 5°C ahead of distribution. The location of the warehouse provides good access to Scotland’s road network, ideal for transporting the brand’s beers to pubs and supermarkets across the world. It is also just five miles away from Star’s Bellshill branch.

BrewDog was said to be keen to install a system using natural refrigerants, and CO2 was deemed the safest and most cost effective option in this instance. It can cool the building to the necessary temperature without the hazards of other refrigerants such as ammonia, and the smaller pipe work for the application saved on steelwork and installation costs.

The end product is said to have delivered financial savings of 30% in comparison to a traditional ammonia/glycol system.