Climaveneta chillers for R1234ze

Climaveneta chillers for R1234ze

The latest Climaveneta air source chillers, with fixed-speed screw compressors, are fully optimised for the low GWP refrigerant R1234ze.

With 18 models, from 235 to 1463kW, the FX HFO range is derived from the existing FX family with R134a, but represents a totally new series. Each model has been redesigned by selecting the components based on the thermodynamic characteristics of the new low GWP refrigerant.

The new units are available in two versions: high efficiency and high efficiency and low noise. An EER of 3.17, ESEER of 4.33 and an SEER of 4.24 are claimed for the new chillers.

Main features of the new units are fixed speed screw compressors, designed to Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems’ (MEHITS) specifications for high seasonal efficiencies; V-block structure MCHX coils; single-pass shell and tube evaporator, designed and produced by MEHITS; variable speed fans.

The new range also features the standard KIPlink wi-fi user interface, while the traditional keyboard remains available upon request.

Several accessories further improve the performance of the units. These include EC fans, a noise reducer kit to reduce the emitted sound to -7dB(A) on the high efficiency model, and protective treatments for coils, both MCHX and traditional cu/al.