Ciat takes complete range to R32

Ciat takes complete range to R32

Ciat has introduced a new range of split air conditioning systems using lower GWP refrigerant R32.

The new R32 range includes residential and light commercial air conditioning units: high-wall splits, floor-mounted consoles, under-ceiling units, cassettes, ducted units, plus a range of multi-split outdoor condensing units.

The previous range of models running on R410A, that Ciat introduced in 2017, will be phased-out and replaced by the R32 systems. All the new models are said to incorporate the latest inverter technology.

The range includes the Stella high-wall R32-based split, with full reversible operation under inverter control, equipped with wifi enabled control and monitoring. SEER values are said to be in excess of 7 and SCOPs all above 4.

The Mambo small commercial range of floor-standing console air conditioners units offer two air outlets and four air inlets, and can be sited on a wall or under a ceiling. They are equipped with a fresh-air intake port that can easily be accessed for connection to a fresh air duct to further enhance indoor air quality.

The Salsa heat pump cassette unit has a 360° air-flow to ensure even temperature distribution across a room. A ventilation motor can be added in a connected fresh air duct to further improve air quality.

The slim Ciat ducted series is said to offer a wide static pressure range and allow installers to automatically configure the external static pressure.

Completing the range is a series of Ciat multi-split outdoor condensing units, with options capable of serving between two and five indoor units. They can be multiplexed in combination for any size of project.