Chillventa congress to focus on major EU legislative shake ups

European industry bodies will be collaborating to host trade event congress that will look at critical legislative issues facing the cooling sector.

The growing pressure facing the HVACR sector to adopt lower GWP refrigerants and address major legislative change will be the major themes of October’s Chillventa Congress.

Trade bodies Asercom and EPEE will host a joint symposium as part of the trade show on 10 October to understand some of the pressing issues facing cooling and heating specialists around the world.

Three distinct sessions will be hosted at the congress that will be opened with a keynote speech by Tom van Ierland, the head of unit for the Montreal Protocol, cleaning cooling and heating and digital transition at the European Commission. The speech will set out the EU’s plans for reducing the environmental impact of cooling.

EPEE Chair Andrea Vallejo will be among the main speakers for the congress’ first session that is focused on sustainability challenges and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the cooling and heating sectors.

Danfoss’s Torben Funder Kristensen will meanwhile outline how the sector is being impacted by ecodesign regulations.

There will also be presentations looking at the complexities of procuring raw materials, along with talks on the lifecycle cost analysis of adopting refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2.

The future of vital legislation set to impact refrigerant use and supply will be the focus of the day’s second sessions. These pieces of legislation include the F-Gas Regulation that is currently under review as part of Europe-wide reforms. The congress will also look at a planned shake-up of the PFAS (Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) restrictions as part of the European Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical (REACH) Regulations.

Cornelius Rhein, who represents the European Commission, will be present to discuss the proposed changes to the F-Gas regulation and will be joined by EPEE representatives to look at how planned revisions fit in with European environmental priorities.

Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions’ Dina Koepke will talk about the current direction of discussions linked to the PFAS ban.

A final session will look at issues arising from different regulatory requirements around the world and how these can be handled by the industry.

Tickets for the symposium can be obtained from the Chillventa website.