Cereal chiller puts CO2 through the mill

Cereal chiller puts CO2 through the mill

One of the world’s largest breakfast cereal companies has chosen a CO2 refrigeration system to provide process cooling at a new cereal mill.

Cereal Partners, the joint venture between Nestlé and General Mills established in 1990, sought a sustainable and efficient approach to the use of refrigeration and cooling systems for its new mill.

After reviewing the demands of the site and the cereal milling plant, a packaged CO2 water/glycol chiller was selected from the range offered by Blackpool-based specialist Green Cooling.

The selected system incorporated a buffer tank and primary/secondary circulation pumps in order to provide a cooling system that would meet the variable demands of the milling process.

A free cooler was also provided as part of the package in order to deliver the maximum level of system efficiency.

The whole system was designed around standard 33°C operating ambient conditions with the free cooler operating in low ambient conditions.