Chemours and Honeywell appeal HFC ruling

Chemours and Honeywell have filed a petition appealing the recent US court decision overturning EPA restrictions on HFC refrigerants.

The refrigerant manufacturers argue that the legal basis of the SNAP 20 rule was well-founded, and the Court’s ruling exceeded its jurisdiction and ignored the original intent to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to replace ozone depleting substances with the safest alternatives for various uses.

In August, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia overturned EPA directives to ban high GWP refrigerants like R404A, R134a, R407C and R410A from use in certain applications from as early as January 1, 2021.

In the case, brought by refrigerant manufacturers Mexichem and Arkema, the Court decided 2-1 that the EPA could not use a section of the Clean Air Act to target HFCs.

Honeywell and Chemours maintain that the SNAP programme is instrumental in supporting American innovation, manufacturing and global competitiveness in commercialising next-generation technologies.

As a result of this support, they argue that American companies have invested well over $1bn in the development of the low GWP, fourth generation HFO solutions.

“This regulation is well supported by the law, and we are confident that when this decision is reviewed that the original intent of fostering innovation while protecting human health and the environment will be restored,” Honeywell said in its statement.

Fellow manufacturer Chemours said: “The view that the preservation of this rule is in the best interest of the public, the environment, and US industry is shared by a growing number of states, academia, and businesses. The world will continue to focus on safer and more energy efficient solutions, and Chemours remains committed to continuing to support these market and societal needs.”