A technical day to present the evolutions of the Certicold Pharma label

On March 22, 2017, the international expert of cold chain, refrigeration and air-conditioning CEMAFROID* organised a technical day dedicated to the Certicold Pharma label.

The Certicold Pharma label is a quality mark that ensures the compliance and quality of cold chain equipments used for the transport or storage of heat-sensitive health products. It is based on detailed specifications for transport vehicles, and pharmaceutical transport packaging, and a general specification (in French). These specifications are established with users, manufacturers and experts.

Around 70 stakeholders attended the technical day held on March 22 in Paris. The Certicold Pharma label was presented, and the meeting was the opportunity for the professionals in the pharmaceutical sector to get information on the evolution of refrigerated transport vehicles and pharmaceutical packaging labelled. A round table was also organised to discuss the development of the Certicold Pharma label at the European level.