Carrier’s SEER-busting Aquaforce chiller

Carrier’s SEER-busting Aquaforce chiller

Carrier’s new AquaForce Vision 30KAVP variable-speed air-cooled screw chiller is said to achieve an SEER of 5.6, 25% above the Ecodesign 2021 Tier 2 requirements.

The 30KAVP covers cooling capacities from 500kW up to 1100kW and is said to achieve premium energy performance, even compared to oil-free chillers with magnetic levitation compressors.

Combined with EC variable-speed fans, the twin screw compressor equipped with cutting-edge permanent magnet motor technology offers optimal operation at part load. The permanent magnet motor ensuring a constant efficiency over the entire operating range.

Heat recovery and partial heat recovery functions will be available in 2019 to offer industrial process applications a more sustainable heating solution using renewable energy.

In France, the 30KAVP range may be eligible for financial incentives of up to €425,000 depending on specifications.

The AquaForce Vision PUREtec 30KAVP-ZE, designed exclusively for ultra-low-GWP refrigerant R1234ze, will also be available this year.