Carrier R1234ze chiller lands in UK

The first UK installation of Carrier’s new AquaForce 30XAV chiller operating on low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze has been completed at Gatwick Airport.

The new chiller has been selected as a replacement for an ageing air-cooled screw chiller as part of a major upgrade of Jubilee House, the administrative offices of Gatwick Airport Ltd.

Carrier’s AquaForce 30XAV with Greenspeed Intelligence was selected by Gatwick Airport as a solution to help meet the airport’s strict environmental policy. The policy includes goals to transition away from high GWP refrigerants and targets to reduce carbon emissions by 50%, energy consumption by 20%, and securing 25% of its energy from renewable sources.

In addition to using R1234ze with its GWP of less than 1, the AquaForce 30XAV is said to benefit from a low sound output and high resilience due to its dual refrigeration circuit. Carrier’s GreenspeedIntelligence system delivers high efficiency by precisely matching cooling output with the load using a fine-control inverter.

Carrier R1234ze chiller lands in UK

With compact footprint and variable configurations of water pipework that can be matched to existing connections, the chiller is designed for flexibility in such replacement projects.

At Gatwick, the built-in chiller control interface was linked into the building management system, giving high-level control and helping to minimise energy consumption.

The chiller was installed by SPIE UK, which carried out the crane lift and chiller replacement at night due to ongoing activities within the building and surrounding busy airport during the day.