Carrier opts for modulating vapour ejectors

Carrier opts for modulating vapour ejectors

Carrier’s latest transcritical CO2 refrigeration system – CO2OLtech Evo – features the newly developed adjustable modulating vapour ejector technology.

This smart technology adjusts to capacity variation and provides increased energy savings, making the system a viable alternative in warmer climates as well as providing heat reclaim opportunities in cold and mild climates.

The CO2OLtec EVO system, launched for the first time at EuroShop, is said to offer modularity and simplicity with high-efficiency skid housing ejectors, pumps, a liquid receiver, additional heat exchangers, high-pressure and medium pressure valves and a liquid line.

The systems are already in place in over 50 installations worldwide, where they are being extensively tested to check for how much their inclusion improves performance. Carrier has developed the technology in co-operation with Carel, and both companies hold patents on some of the technology. Carel had a range on display on its stand, which vary in capacity from 20-135 kW.

The CO2OLtec EVO can be equipped with two to four ejectors to suit multiple applications. To maximise annual energy savings by up to 30%, the CO2OLtec EVO system can also be delivered with optional technologies: economiser cycle, line start permanent magnet (LSPM) compressor motors, heat recovery, liquid pump, heat pump and/or air conditioning functions and a second multi-temperature loop.