BRA updates alternatives report

BRA updates alternatives report In the face of rapid changes in refrigerant supply, the British Refrigeration Association (BRA) has produced an update of its 2015 report Putting into Use Replacement Refrigerants (PURR).

The second edition of the PURR report has been revised to reflect current market conditions, and contains several new features, including data on new A2L alternatives for R404A and general information on the use of these “mildly flammable” refrigerants.

Much has changed in the period since the first report. At that time, it reported that shortages of R404A, for instance, would only become problematic around 2019 to 2021. “From the experiences of 2017, our views were clearly wrong,” the report admits. “Product has been in short supply throughout 2017, and this is almost certain to continue into 2018 and beyond,” it adds.

With R410A now also coming under pressure, the report expands on its coverage of replacements for R410A in air conditioning systems.

“The phase down is now well under way, and with less than two years left before the use and service bans on R404A take effect, we want to continue to give up to date guidance to all stakeholders involved in the commercial refrigeration market,” BRA president John Smith explained.

“This second edition of the PURR report provides greater clarity on alternative refrigerants, which should hopefully assist in ensuring a smooth transition for designers, manufacturers, installers, commissioners and end users to comply with the new enforcements.”

The report is available, free of charge, from the BRA section of the FETA website.