BRA produces guide to refrigerant glide

BRA produces guide to refrigerant glide

The British Refrigeration Association has published a guide on the subject of temperature glide in refrigerant blends.

It is vital for the optimal performance of a system to take into account the temperature glide of the alternative refrigerants that are now being employed in systems using high GWP gases. Almost all the newly developed refrigerant blends exhibit this property to some degree, so it is important for the industry to understand how to use them effectively.

The latest in the BRA’s series of Fact Finder guides, the document is intended to provide advice for service engineers considering retrofitting systems but some of the information will also be useful in the case of new installations. The guide is intended to cover single condensing unit and evaporator applications.

The guide gives an overview of the practicalities involved in handling refrigerants with glide and, in particular, highlights some of the currently available alternatives to R404A.

The Fact Finder (No.19) is available for download here