Bitzer to remanufacture other compressors

Green Point, Bitzer’s compressor remanufacturing operation, is expanding its service in the UK to include other makers of compressor.

When launched last year, the company handled only Bitzer units. From September, however, it is extending its capabilities to include compressors made by Bock, Carrier, Copeland, and Trane.

“The aim always was to begin by remanufacturing Bitzer compressors. Having successfully established the business, and with a growing customer base, we are now widening the offer to include machines from other manufacturers,” commented Will Pribyl, general manager of Green Point in the UK. “Customers tell us they appreciate the outstanding quality of our Bitzer units, and are keen to have access to similar high quality remanufactured compressors from other manufacturers. It goes without saying that we will be adopting the same uncompromising approach to standards as with our own equipment,” he added …

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