Bitzer launches oil separators for ammonia compressors

Bitzer launches oil separators for ammonia compressors

Compressor manufacturer Bitzer has launched a horizontal oil separator designed to work with ammonia screw compressors, part of its OS compressor series.

The OAHC horizontal separators are a new family of 3-step separators for NH3 applications up to 4200 m3/h (compressor theoretical displacement). They can be connected to several open screw compressors in parallel.

“In the first stage the oil is separated from the refrigerant thanks to centrifugal and gravity principles. An intermediate stage, using a special demister, is providing additional separation. [The] final section with very efficient coalescent filter is then adding the last fine separation,” Patrick Koops, Bitzer’s head of public relations, said.

“Thanks to these effects, an excellent level of separation is ensured both at full and partial load operation of the refrigeration system,” Koops said.

Software allows for easy configuration. “The horizontal oil separators in the OAHC series, which have been specially designed for ammonia applications, are included in the Bitzer software,” said Koops.

“The software also automatically determines which design is the best fit for the application in question,” he added.

“The perfect application are refrigeration systems where PAO oil is used and final oil carryover rate values below 10 ppm are measured,” said Koops. PAOs or poly-alpha-olefins are synthetic chemical compounds used as a base stock in the production of some synthetic lubricants.

Bitzer is currently researching oil separation solutions for applications using other natural refrigerants.