Bitzer approves new low GWP refrigerants

Bitzer has become the first compressor manufacturer to approve a full range of new low GWP refrigerants.

Following DuPont’s announcement last week that its refrigerants R449A and R513A were to be included in Bitzer’s latest selection software, the German compressor manufacturer has now confirmed that these as well as Honeywell’s R448A and R450A have also been included.

Bitzer has been offering a selection of compressors with this latest generation of HFC/HFO blend refrigerants since the beginning of this year – making them the world’s first compressor manufacturer to approve and authorize these gases.

HFO/HFC blends R448A and R449A have been developed as substitutes for the soon to be phased out high GWP commercial refrigeration gases R404A and R507A. The substitutes have about a third of the global warming potential of R404A/R507A …

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