ASHRAE and AiCARR Sign Agreement of Understanding

ASHRAE and the Associazione Italiana Condizionamento dell’Aria Riscaldamento Refrigerazione (AiCARR), recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), outlining the two organizations’ commitment toward the promotion of common cooling and heating related endeavors.

The agreement provides a framework for AiCARR and ASHRAE to collaboratively leverage each other’s strengths and accomplish organizational goals that best serve members, the profession and both societies at large. A new strategy will involve AiCARR and ASHRAE defining mutual services for its respective members in Italy and the U.S., through the establishment of an AiCARR-ASHRAE group.

“AiCARR and ASHRAE have worked jointly for more than 50 years, providing invaluable benefits across industries around the world,” said 2017-2018 ASHRAE President Bjarne W. Olesen, Ph.D. “I am pleased to sign this agreement on ASHRAE’s behalf and look forward to continuing our partnership toward the promotion and advancement of science and techniques related to HVAC&R applications, sustainability, renewable energies and environmental issues.”

As part of the agreement, ASHRAE and AiCARR will develop joint training and educational programs in Italy and the U.S. as well as new conferences to accelerate technology dissemination. The MoU additionally places special focus on strengthening the organizations’ global networks, the coordination of research programs and exploring opportunities to collaborate on technical publications and standards.

“The signing of this agreement formally demonstrates AiCARR and ASHRAE’s long-standing commitment to the achievement of a coordinated global sustainability strategy,” said AiCARR President Francesca Romana d’Ambrosio. “We look forward to our continued work together.”

The MoU was signed by Bjarne W. Olesen and Francesca Romana d’Ambrosio as part of the 2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago on Jan. 22.