Arkema to sell R1233zd(E) in Japan

French refrigerant manufacturer Arkema has entered into an alliance with Japanese company Central Glass to sell HFO1233zd(E) in the Japanese market.

The new low GWP HFO, developed as a refrigerant and blowing agent, will be sold by Central Glass as Forane 1233zd.

HFO1233zd(E), with a GWP of just 1, is non-flammable, has a low vapour pressure, and is non-ozone depleting. being promoted as a replacement for R123, HFO1233zd(E) is said to provide improved thermal energy efficiency in refrigerators and freezers, and a high insulation value for other critical cold chain and spray foam applications.

“We see the relationship with Central Glass as the beginning of a strong alliance for Forane 1233zd and look forward to future developments in this area”, said Christophe Villain, global group president for the Fluorochemicals Division.

Central Glass, formerly called Ube Soda Industry was established in 1936 in Ube City in Yamaguchi. The company changed its name to Central Glass Co in 1963. Today, Central Glass has expanded into a wide range of fields, including architectural glass, automotive glass, glass for electronic materials, chemicals, fertilizers, fine chemicals and glass fibres.

The Central Glass commenced commercial production of HFO-1233zd(E) in 2012 at its Kawasaki plant. A second plant was added in Ube in January 2017 to increase product capacity.