ACCA fears hasty refrigerant switch

ACCA fears hasty refrigerant switch

The group representing US air conditioning contractors has warned against a hasty switch to new refrigerants.

In a statement responding to Friday’s the DC Court of Appeals ruling to reject a petition for a review of its decision to overturn the EPA’s ban on the usage of certain refrigerants, Glenn Hourahan, senior vice president for technical policy of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), said: “ACCA believes that the transitions to new refrigerants, including flammable products, must not be done hastily.”

“The EPA states that half of all HVAC systems in the US are not installed correctly, and we know this field problem can contribute to refrigerant leaks. Professional HVACR contractors recognise addressing installation problems is paramount to safely transitioning to new products, including flammable refrigerants.”

In August 2017, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the EPA could not use Section 612 of the Clean Air Act to ban the use of certain refrigerants with high global warming potential in some applications. A petition brought by refrigerant manufacturers Chemours and Honeywell and the environmental group NRDC sought a review the decison.

“ACCA encourages the HVACR industry, policy makers, and environmentalists to collectively promote sound installation and maintenance practices that are critical to minimising refrigerant leaks and for protecting technicians and consumers,” Hourahan added

ACCA’s membership includes more than 60,000 professionals and 4,000 businesses in the indoor environment and energy services community.