ACCA offers flammable refrigerant advice

ACCA offers flammable refrigerant advice

Contractors group ACCA is leading US moves to embrace flammable refrigerants with technical advice and training.

This week the ACCA has released a technical bulletin on flammable A3 refrigerants and announced further investment into its flammable refrigerants training programme.

The new bulletin focuses on A3 refrigerants and attempts to address the challenges technicians encounter when working with these products. It covers issues including safety, installation, start-up, maintenance, parts replacement, refrigerant leak checking, transportation of units, cleanliness, and decommissioning.

The refrigerants specifically mentioned are R290 (propane), R441A, R600a (isobutene), and R1270.

“Often, convenience stores, grocers, and other commercial outlets have great difficulty finding technicians who can service vending machines, beverage cases, and reach-in coolers because they use flammable refrigerants,” said Paul Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. “It is important that contractors and technicians review this technical bulletin, not only for their safety, but also as an opportunity to expand their service offerings. By following guidelines in this ACCA product, contractors can confidently work on these systems.”

Training support

The ACCA has also received financial support from refrigerant manufacturer Arkema for its online qTech training programme Technician Training on Flammable Refrigerants.

“As a leading producer of refrigerants, Arkema recognises the importance of preparing the entire industry for the next generation of air conditioning technology,” said Anthony O’Donovan, regional group president, Fluorochemicals Americas. “We are glad to be working with ACCA and are committed to ensuring that contractors and technicians are ready for the future as the industry works to phase down high GWP refrigerants.”