A-Gas expects US Kigali ratification

A-Gas expects US Kigali ratification

A-Gas Americas, one of the largest refrigerant recovery and reclamation companies, is anticipating US ratification of the Kigali amendment “in the near future”.

There have been concerns over the Trump administration’s attitude to the Kigali agreement to phase down HFC refrigerants, but last month US State Department official Judith Garber indicated that the process to consider US ratification of the Amendment had been initiated.

A‑Gas Americas CEO Monte Roach commented: “A‑Gas has invested heavily in the future of the refrigerant industry by acquiring some strategic technologies to assist with the phase down of ODS and global warming gases. The acquisition of the Rapid Recovery network in 2016, and our latest acquisition of Diversified Pure Chem expanded our Total Solutions offering to the market. We now have five fractional distillation towers across the US and our separation capabilities for mixed or cross contaminated refrigerants are the best in the nation.

“As reclamation becomes the standard for these gases A‑Gas will be leading the charge and assisting customers with any regulatory changes or updates.”

A-Gas Americas is a subsidiary of UK-based A-Gas International, which claims to be the world’s largest refrigerant recovery and reclamation company.

“One benefit of being a global organisation is the ability to have long range phase down plans that have been proven to work in other regions,” Roach added. “Several of our locations around the world are in countries where the phase down schedules are ahead of the United States giving us the knowledge to be able to help our customers early in the game.”