Four new refrigerants seek ASHRAE approval

Four new refrigerants seek ASHRAE approval

The number of potential new lower GWP refrigerants continues to rise with four more proposed for inclusion in ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 34-2013.

The new refrigerants are an Arkema blend R459A and three Mexichem blends R459B, R460A and R460B.

Standard 34-2013, Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants, describes a shorthand way of naming refrigerants and assigns safety classifications based on toxicity and flammability data.

Both Arkema’s R459A and Mexichem’s R459B blends comprise differing amounts of R32, and the HFOs R1234yf and R1234ze(E). Their potential application is not revealed but similar blends have been developed as replacements for R410A. Both of the new blends are A2L “mildly flammables”.

Arkema’s R459A mixes R32, 1234yf and 1234ze(E) in proportions of 68%/ 26%/6%.

The Mexichem refrigerant R459B is a blend of the same refrigerants but in very different proportions: 21% R32, 69% R1234yf and 10% R1234ze.

The other two refrigerants, R460A and R460B, are both proposed by Mexichem and claim the A1, non-toxic, non flammable classification. Both comprise differing blends of R32, R125, R134a and 1234ze(E).